Bake Some Moringaroons For Dessert!

Looking for the perfect holiday dessert that’s unique enough to not be the 3rd cheesecake at the holiday party?
Try our Moringaroons!

Moringaroons Recipe

Heat Oven to 350 

1lb sweetened coconut shreds

1t matcha powder,   1t cocoa powder

½ t moringa powder

7oz condensed milk

1t vanilla extract

2 egg whites

½ t salt - kosher



1) Toss coconut with powders. Add milk and vanilla. Then combine them.

2) Whip whites with salt until soft peaks form, which can take about 3 min

3) Gently fold whites into coconut mix

4)  Spoon by tablespoons onto parchment-covered pans, placing them one inch apart

5)  Bake 18-20 minutes, until toasty brown

 Enjoy and share!

Author: Marilyn Schlossbach




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