Fall Holiday Recipes That Prove Pumpkin and Moringa Are Better Together!

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Looking for that “Get this day going” autumn drink to sip as you kickstart your day?
Check out our Pumpkin Pie Smoothie and make Wave of Balance Moringa part of your smoothie routine.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe
(Serves 2…if you want to share.)

1 c pumpkin puree

1 frozen banana

1 c plant milk (soy, almond)

½ t vanilla extract

½ t maple syrup

¼ t moringa

1 t pumpkin pie spice

(Pumpkin Spice Ingredients: Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cloves)

3 ice cubes

Blend to your desired thickness, sip, and enjoy! 

Moringa Pumpkin Muffins

Looking for the perfect breakfast or office holiday party snack?

Check out our Moringa Pumpkin Muffin recipe and just try not to feel festive. We dare you!


Moringa Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

Oven @ 375

1 1/3 c AP flour                    

1c brown sugar

1t baking powder                                     

1c pumpkin puree

½ t cinnamon                            

6T melted butter

¼ t cardamom powder           

2 eggs

½ t Moringa + ¼ t                     

2T raw sugar

½ t kosher salt                         

½ c pepitas, divided



1)Spray 12 cup muffin pan

2)Mix flour, baking powder, spices, salt + ¼ c seeds

3)Whisk sugar, pumpkin, butter + eggs, gently fold into dry ingredients

4)Spoon batter into the muffin pan, sprinkle with remaining seeds + sugar

5)Bake 25-30 minutes, until muffin s are golden. *Poke them with a toothpick. If that toothpick comes out clean then you’re done.

6)Let the muffins rest for 5 minutes then turn out onto the rack to cool.


Author: Marilyn Schlossbach




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