How Our Co-Founder Marilyn Plays: Food, Vacation, Adventure, and Family

Whew! That was an awesome month! We’re so stoked that we get a bonus WOB Wednesday this month so we can share one more week of play with you!

This week we wanted to give you a peek into how one of our founders, Marilyn Schlossbach brings play into her life.

Who Is Marilyn?

Marilyn is a humanitarian chef and restaurateur as well as an entrepreneur who loves creating and exploring ways to create sustainable, charitable, and fun businesses and products.

You’ll Find Her With Her Family, Creating, And Exploring

When Marilyn isn’t working in one of her restaurants, you might find her with her family (Her artist-husband Scott and two brilliant daughters Hari and Rubi) in their hometown of Asbury Park. Marilyn’s idea of play involves creating amazing new dishes, exploring new places as she travels, and surfing the waves wherever she goes.

Balance Is A Process

Marilyn’s play is balanced by diligence in and out of the kitchen that makes sure she has her mind fueled and her body energized for whatever comes at her when she works. She discovered Moringa a few years ago on a trip to Nicaragua (you can learn about that here) and decided she had to bring it back to the U.S. because it was so nourishing and revitalizing.

Since then Marilyn’s play (exploring, surfing, and creating) have continued to fuel her work on the Wave of Balance line and her creative energy has allowed her collaborations with Mr. Soon (WOB’s co-founder) to have maximum impact and amazing results.

Marilyn’s work and play balance is a testament to everything we’ve shared with you this month and we’re so grateful to have her leading us on this WOB adventure.

Fuel Your Play Like Marilyn And The WOB Team

If you’re ready to bring more balance to your life, check out our WOB product line here.


Author: Marilyn Schlossbach



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