"Hustle And Thrive": The "Push And Strive" Alternative You'll Love

An Alternative To The Go-Go-Go

How is your month of relaxing into summer mode going? Are you feeling like “Hey, that was fun, but now I’ve gotta get back to business.”? We’ve got you. Today we’re going to explore what we call the “Push And Strive Mindset” And it’s something nearly everyone gets from time to time. (Okay, maybe daily…)

Push And Strive

“Push And Strive”  is that nagging feeling you get or that thought you have when you think you need to keep pushing, be constantly productive, and go-go-go to be doing life right. It shows up in a lot of different ways but you’ve probably felt it if you:

Go to relax on the couch for fifteen minutes after work and find yourself making your to do list for work tomorrow.

Are having dinner with your partner and find your mind drifting off to your shopping list as they’re telling you about your day?

Find yourself feeling guilty for squeezing in that workout before sitting down to write a blog about balance?(Guilty as charged.)

Have you ever felt like taking a break for a little rest, relaxation, or even a shower is a waste of time that could be spent getting stuff done?

Push And Strive  is real. Most of us were raised and are now living in a culture that tells us that “Push And Strive” is the way to be successful, to get better constantly, to get what we want, and to do/have it all. So it’s only natural that we too might feel the impact of those messages.

Balance: Kicking “Push And Strive” To The Curb

But the truth is “Push And Strive” is not nearly as powerful as a more balanced approach might be. We’d like to suggest “Hustle And Thrive”. For us this means you invite in the work, the play, and the wellness. You invite in all the things that help you create your definition of a balanced and beautiful life. We know you might have a tough time re-framing your own “Push And Strive  Mindset” but we believe you can definitely invite in a more “Hustle And Thrive” friendly approach with just a few easy tweaks.

Inviting In “Hustle And Thrive”

First thing’s first: We can acknowledge that “hustle” doesn’t have to feel like a push. It doesn't have to be constant striving either. If another blogger, a friend, a family member, or a boss has offered you the idea that you need to push and push hard all of the time to find success, you may not know anything different. But you can choose to believe something different. For the Wave of Balance Team “hustle” is just a fun word we use to describe working on our passion. You might have a main hustle and a side hustle (or three.. We see you Marilyn!) and you might love one or all of them. So give yourself permission to love them, to love working on them, and to make time for your hustle, for your passion every day.

Second, once you’ve acknowledged and given yourself props and permission for all the hustle you bring to your day, try exploring the idea that relaxing can be a part of your hustle, and that it is actually part of your path to success.  Not buying it? We get you… Try these reframes on for size or create some of your own!

Can you do those 6 client meetings without your morning yoga class? Yes.

But do you have to?

Can you write that email before breakfast.


But can you wait until you’re fueled for the day to start tackling the tasks in it?

Can you put off that daily thought journaling time until all of your work for the day is done.


But can you make time for it now so you’re less distracted by your thoughts and feelings as you work?

A default “Push And Strive Mindset”  tells us we need to do it all. And we need to do it all NOW. Before anything else we must push. But, even if our jobs and hustles are demanding,  this just might not always be the case.

Learning to reframe or even just question that “Push And Strive Mindset” brings us into better balance and closer to our “Hustle And Thrive” because we stop taking everything else as gospel and begin to write our own.

Taking Our Temperature

The next step?Take some time to take your temperature. Well, sure, you can literally do that if you’ve got a good thermometer handy. But maybe just start with some questions?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?


Super tired?

Super hungry?
Super achy?

Maybe under the weather?

Are you maybe not sick yet but you’re steadily pushing your way toward burn out if you keep up your speed-racing pace?

Do you get physically sick frequently?

Do you get panicked or anxious about work?

Are you just always kind of not feeling well?

Do you work first and think about exercise or eating to fuel your body second?

While you might not love your answers to these questions yet, know this: You’re not alone.

And, while chances are that you’re going to feel pretty terrible when you hit your wall and can’t keep up your “Push And Strive”, you can choose “Hustle And Thrive” or just plain old rest at any time.

Even now.
When you take your temperature, you can step back and realize that you need less push and more balance.

Taking your temperature throughout your day and week can prevent you from working yourself into a state of dis-ease, disease, sickness, and exhaustion.

You know your body and mind. You might need to reconnect to both but you don’t have to let “Push And Strive ” push you to the edge.

Take your mental and physical temperature often, find space for recharging, and set your sights on feeling good while you go out and do good in the world.

The Challenge Of Finding Your Balance

Finally, challenge yourself to define and create your new balanced, or “Hustle And Thrive” reality…

If you’re anything like us you know that the world’s goals aren’t always your own. Maybe you want to start or grow your own business while preparing for a 5k or reaching new milestones on the book you’ve been dreaming up. Maybe you want to be the partner who’s present for after work conversations while not being burnt out from your own work. Maybe you’re ready to take a trip to somewhere new while still meeting goals at your current job. Maybe you’re ready to eat better and feel better while you take on your day-to-day.

By now you know you don’t need a “Push And Strive  Mindset” to succeed. But sometimes old habits die a lot slower than we’d hoped.

So be sure to keep kindly challenging yourself each day to create a new, more real, more balanced, reality  for yourself. Create space for recharging, relaxing, and renewing your promises to yourself to stay well and do good.

A Final Note About “Hustle And Thrive”

As you ride the wave of your life, remember that you decide what it’s supposed to look like and feel like to be successful and balanced and well. You decide what your Wave of Balance will be.

Invite in your own definition of “Hustle and Thrive” and we know you’ll be amazed at how stoked you are for what each new day has lined up for you!

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And, as you’re out there defining life and balance for yourself, we’d love to be there too. To learn more about Wave Of Balance and how we can help you feel better inside and out, check out our line here.

 Author: Marilyn Schlossbach



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