July: Time To Work On How You Play!

Happy July!

The Wave of Balance Team is loving their summer so far and we hope you are too! We’re so excited to celebrate this season that we’re going to be spending July working on our Play!

Over the next few weeks we’ll explore how Play makes the other parts of our lives just that much more vibrant. So, whether you’re a “Work Hard. Play Hard” fan or are having trouble balancing all that needs to get done with the desire to take a break, we’ve got your back.

Let’s go!

We’re All Adults Here… So What Do You Mean By Play?

When we decided to make July all about “play” we weren't thinking of a single definition. We were thinking of those things that help our creative, physical, emotional and social selves thrive. For some of us playing volleyball on the beach with a crew of friends is play. For others an art class or private yoga session is play. For some creative writing is play (Like our favorite pocket-sized copywriter) and for others solving a puzzle or math problem or cracking and hacking a computer challenge can be playfully done. The goal of play is to ignite that creative, fun, and expressive, spontaneous, adventurous, or curious parts of who we are.

Remember coloring or building with blocks? Remember chalking up the blacktop or riding bikes with your cousins? Remember making something in the Easy Bake Oven or that one that made creepy plastic insects? Remember building sand castles on the beach or playing softball for the home team? Play seemed so natural when we were younger, right? Well, if we really make it a part of our lives it can become natural again. And the truth is that even if it’s not as “natural” anymore, it still is vitally important to the balance we’re creating in our lives.

Why Spend A Month Working On Your Play?

Whether you find yourself in work-a-holic mode on the regular or are pretty awesome at taking a break, you might want to give some of our suggestions this month a try. Play can be a revitalizing tool for us as adults because it can allow us to unplug, reconnect, recharge, create, grow, challenge ourselves, and see things from a new perspective.

When we bring play into our lives regularly we’ll find ourselves more able to face challenges, more refreshed after long weeks of work, more excited for things we’re looking forward to, and maybe even more comfortable relating to others. Play allows for our brains to solve problems, create new things, and discover things beyond our current understanding.

Play allows us to have fun with others or on our own and gives us the chance to be curious about things we don’t typically have the time to get curious about. Taking time out for play allows us to explore without needing to “do it right” or how it “should” be done. Play is our greatest opportunity to accept who we are and really connect with that awesome person. Play is a great chance to find a balance between work, socializing, time on our own, understanding, creating, and exploring. And… ya know… it’s just fun!

Wait, What Does This Have To Do With WOB?

You probably know us pretty well by now so you know the WOB team is passionate (Read: Slightly obsessed… but in the best way…) with helping you find your wave and keep things balanced from the inside out. This month we’re going to invite you to really commit to exploring how you play, what you enjoy, how you hit the creative reset button and what balance means to you right now.

 As we explore the idea of playing this month, if you’re feeling that tug to “get serious” or you hear yourself saying “when I have time”, we’re all for challenging your autopilot. You already know that play can amp up every other aspect of your life, so don’t hate on yourself for being challenged by adding it...just don’t give up working on making your play time happen. It’s going to be different for everyone: Some of us are great natural planners and players but need to get some work done and others are challenged by the idea of ever really taking a break to play...At WOB we know that we’re all riding different waves. But we also know that we can all learn to surf... and that part’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Let’s Play!

Ready To Keep Your Work And Play Fueled?

Author: Marilyn Schlossbach



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