Learning Isn’t Just For The Classroom: WOB’s 7 Favorite Ways To Learn Every Day!

With summer sadly in the rearview we’re turning our attention this fall to the classroom. And no, you don’t have to take freshman biology again (We’re not that cruel) but we’ll be popping in with some ideas about turning your world into your classroom this month as we explore the balance of learning and growing.

Today we’ve got 7 easy ways to make learning a part of your daily routine. So let’s get to them!

Learn About Yourself Each Morning

Here at Wave of Balance, we know that life can get hectic but taking even a few minutes each morning for some quality “you” time can be a game-changer.

You can make this set of 5-30 minutes a learning experience by doing a thought download. Write down all of the helpful (or unhelpful) thoughts you have at that moment and take some time to explore how those thoughts might be leading to your feelings or even your actions. Taking some time to learn about your thoughts can help you tackle your day with confidence.

Learn How To Relax

Speaking of routines. One awesome thing to learn about is how you best relax. Whether you learn about meditation, gratitude journaling, or even simple movement or yoga exercises, you can definitely learn how to bring relaxation into your day and it will help you revitalize and recommit to your big goals too!

Make Learning A Natural Part Of Your Daily Commute

Long commute? Train ride into the city pretty daunting each morning? Used to tons of traffic? One way to make that commute more bearable is to add a podcast or book on tape to your commute. While the radio or music can certainly be great, mixing in these alternatives can help to add variety and keep you in-the-know on topics that matter to you. 

Find Ways To Learn For Fun

Visiting local landmarks, museums, historic sites, or similar locations can be an adventure with learning built-in. Whether it’s something you check out as you travel, a local art exhibit, or a museum you take your out-of-town family to, your mind will love doing something out of the ordinary.

Discover Something New About An Old Friend

Connection is key to the Wave of Balance team so we’ve got to encourage you to take time to connect with your people. Whether it’s a long drive with an old friend or a dinner with your family taking some time to reconnect with loved ones can allow us to learn something new about those who matter most.

Take Some Time To Learn About Your Community: Volunteer And Shop Local

While you can Google things about your hometown or home city until your heart’s content, one of the best ways to learn about the place you live is to get out there and live. Maybe this means you’ll volunteer in your community to make new connections and learn about the challenges your neighbors face. Or maybe you’re ready to hit your town’s shopping district and shop local. Either way you’ll make a difference there. 

And if you’re local to Asbury Park head over to Food For Thought By The Sea’s website to learn how to contribute to your community.

Get To Know Your Purchases

Our last tip is one that’s near and dear to our hearts. It’s important to know where your food, drinks, and supplements come from. Learning about Wave of Balance Moringa has never been easier, as you can find detailed information about our products and where they come from right here on the site. 

And since you’ll know everything you need to get started on your wellness journey, you can head over to our shopping page to pick some up today.

 Author: Marilyn Schlossbach





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