Learning That Changes Your Life And The Lives Of Others

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We hope you’re busy implementing the learning suggestions from our last post as this one will build on those ideas. Today we’re going to go over how to put your learning into action. There’s something truly transformative that happens when we learn something that changes our lives. And what’s even more powerful is when we have the chance to put that learning into action to help others have the same experience. 

What we’ve offered below are three ways to put your learning into action to create change in your life and the lives of others.

Asking Great Questions And Applying The Answers

So you’ve heard about the impact of disposable plastics on the environment. What now? If you’re aware of the negative impact and decide to change your actions to reflect this new knowledge by using a reusable metal straw or none at all, you’re really learning. When we ask questions and apply the answers we’re ensuring that the knowledge doesn’t end with us. We have the chance to lead by example and empower others to learn too.

Learning Courage And Being Vulnerable

You’ve got a story to share. Maybe you’ve overcome a challenge or solved a problem. Maybe you’ve traveled to a place or volunteered in your community. While those experiences have already transformed your life, you now have the chance to share them. When you share about your struggles, challenges, and resilience, you’re becoming vulnerable and courageous. When you step out of your comfort zone to share a part of yourself you’re learning courage and empowering others to challenge their comfort zone as well.

The result? Authentic, vulnerable, and powerful experiences and shared compassion and empathy for the experiences of others. How’s that for a transformation?

Consumption And Thoughtful Action

You’ve read everything that’s out there about moringa. You’re a moringa encyclopedia at this point. You know it can help you maintain a healthy sleep cycle, regulate your energy level, and feel fueled with amazing nutrients in greater supply than other so-called “superfoods”.  You just haven’t started your wellness journey by picking up your powder or capsules. 

While having all of the information you need to make the best decision is a great approach, we can sometimes stay in the “info gathering” zone so long that we never take action using what we’ve learned.

Taking action allows us to learn through experiencing something for ourselves and gives us permission to begin drawing our own conclusions. That’s the difference between information consumption and learning in action.

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We can’t wait to help you grow your wellness journey by taking action to live a more balanced life!

Author: Marilyn Schlossbach



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