Learning To Go With The Flow

Learning To Go With The Flow

So you’ve added learning to your regular routine and you’ve decided to put what you’re learning into action. To end this month of learning we’re sharing one story of how learning in action can make a big difference.

 If you’re ready to put all you’ve learned about moringa into action you can pick yours up here.

Now, onto the story.

As you may know, our founder Marilyn learned about Moringa a number of years ago. She and our co-founder Mr. Soon decided to bring this tree of life to the masses. (If you want to learn more about that story you can check out our blog here

And even though it was a challenge to introduce this new thing to the U.S. Marilyn was willing to be vulnerable and determined.

She worked with professionals in several fields to create the Wave of Balance products and to build the brand. She learned, she led, and she allowed herself to grow through that experience.

Marilyn was passionate about the benefits she knew Moringa could offer others and then she decided to create a way to bring it to her community so everyone could benefit.

The result? Well, you’re looking at it. Every day people all over are learning about moringa, creating new healthy routines including the Wave of Balance moringa products, and starting their own wellness journeys. 

And how is all of this awesomeness even possible? It’s because Marilyn didn’t stop when she learned about the benefits of moringa (you can find them here, on our Instagram, and throughout our blogs). She took her knowledge and shared it by creating WOB.

And we couldn’t be more grateful for that.

Because of Marilyn’s decision to be courageous, creative, and helpful, you’re able to start your wellness journey with Wave of Balance.  

Ready to take action? Pick up your Wave Of Balance moringa here. 

And once you do, get ready for next month when we introduce you to some amazing and local wellness experts who will help you start or up-level your wellness journey!


Author: Marilyn Schlossbach



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