Passion As Fuel For Your Life!

Our whole month dedicated to fueling and refueling your life continues this week with a dive into how our passions can fuel our lives. You know from experience that there are enough “have to’s” in the world. There are enough to-do’s and “musts” in your life. So it’s nice to get to those things that you “want to” or “love to”, or even feel “called to do. This week we’ve uncovered a set of four main categories where you might find your passion pulling you forward. 

There’s something really awesome about finding something or someone in your life that energizes, revitalizes, or refreshes you. It can be amazing to find something that gets you into that super-sought-after flow state when you feel your best and do your best.

Whether that flow state is found in your creative pursuits, your exercise regimen or meditation practice, in raising your children or spending time with your loved ones, or is found in service to your community, we're here to make sure you’ll be ready for it!

And since you already know that Wave of Balance can fuel your passion-filled life, we’ll just leave the link to our product page here and get on with the show. (But seriously, bee sure to pick up your WOB products here.)

So, on to those passions that fuel you!

Events and Experiences You Love

Our first category may seem like the most obvious but it’s often overlooked. Sometimes the events and experiences we love most can fuel us with passion. If you love going to concerts, plays, art shows, movies, dinners, or other special events you know the feeling. You’re there to enjoy yourself. Hopefully, you’ve let go of expectations but you’re holding on to your anticipation with both hands. You can’t wait to go, you plan in excitement, and you feel the time fly as you enjoy yourself wherever you are. When we allow ourselves to look forward to events or experiences, or when we allow ourselves to be fully present at those events, we have a chance to experience our flow state. It’s the space where time is not as relevant, where we’re totally immersed in what we’re doing and where we feel most at home in our bodies and minds. And we get a chance to feel in the flow of our lives, to feel balanced, and to truly live to our fullest. Experiences like this fill us with passion and fuel all the other parts of our lives. 

Your Creative Exploration, Physical Challenges, or Intellectual Pursuits

Next up is the stuff you often try to “squeeze into your bursting-at-the-seams calendars. You know what these things are. You say “When I have time, I’m going to…” or “I wish I had the time to…”. While you’re no stranger to hard work, it is important to find ways to acknowledge the non-hustling part of who you are. 

Whether you love to go for a good run, learn something new, or use your creative energy to make something unique, there’s fuel to be found in those activities too. Your creativity, physical challenge, and learning all offer you opportunities to grow and experience some serious flow and balance. So we’d recommend not simply “squeezing them in”. Put these activities on the calendar and give them the same powerful space as any other tasks. The result: finding flow and balance more often and feeling refreshed when you step off the bike or leave that local pottery class. 

Your Life’s Work And Causes You Love

Feeling fueled at work? Some people would call you lucky, but we know you’re working hard to make your dreams happen. And, if your job is more of a drain than fuel up, you might find meaning in a side hustle or the causes that you love. The benefits of making your life’s work a source of fuel or finding a cause to work for is that you are improving your world and the world of others too. If your life’s work can help others as it helps you pursue your dreams, you’ve got a great thing going. For Wave of Balance, this means bringing moringa to our local community and giving back to those that support women. Whatever your life’s work or favorite cause is, you can use the joy you get from giving it your all and giving back to fuel the other areas of your life. Feeling fulfilled is awesome fuel for life.

Your Loved Ones and Your Community

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about your people and your community. Who just “gets it”? Who do you go to for support or for a big announcement or celebration? We’re guessing your loved ones, friends, and community have become your go-to’s and that’s because, whether you know it or not, those people help to fuel you. Their support, humor, kindness, and appreciation of who you are can help you hit the refuel button when you need it most. And most of the time all that goodness is just a call or short walk away. When we’re with our loved ones, the best part of who we are is recognized and amplified. And when we’re in a community that truly values our contributions and our uniqueness, we can thrive. 

Whether it’s an old friend who you schedule a call with each week, a dinner out at a local restaurant or an afternoon at the local farmers market, be sure to make time for your people and community. You’ll feel the benefits whenever you do.

Passion Fuels Wave of Balance Too!

As you’ve probably already guessed, the team at Wave of Balance is also fueled by our passions. Our co-founders Marilyn and Mr. Soon are passionate about bringing premium, sustainable, and healthy moringa products to their communities. And the rest of the team fuels their passion with Wave of Balance too!

 Author: Marilyn Schlossbach



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