Plays Well With Others: Ways You Can Create Connections While You Work On Your Play

Happy WOB Wednesday!

We’re talking about community and connection with others this week and we’re using play as the jumping off point for all of that summer fun. Here are some ways you can connect as you play!

Compete For Fun

Whether you prefer to be a lone wolf or part of a squad, competition can be a natural and fun way to play. When you compete in a game or other venture you give yourself the chance experience a challenge, strengthen your skills, and grow into a new version of yourself. When we compete for fun we can let go of the need to win or we can choose to hold on to that desire to win to make the feelings we have more intense or enjoyable. Competing gives us the chance to interact with others (whether we’re using our mental or physical abilities) and can also allow us to explore how we react to certain experiences. Do you get frustrated when you’re not doing something “just right” or “fast enough”. Do you feel jealous when someone else wins? Do you feel like you “missed out”? Whether you label your feelings as positive or negative, it’s important to decide to be curious as you play. Why might you feel that way? How would you rather feel? Answering these questions brings us out of judgement and back into play. It’s awesome to use play to deepen our connection to ourselves and others.

Find Your Out-Of-Office Team

This week we’re taking a look at three ways we can connect through play. If you grew up playing softball (or playing with the dandelions in the outfield like our resident copywriter) or football, running track, or shooting baskets, you know that team sports are an awesomely unique way to play. Teaming up with others to work on a challenging puzzle, play a sport, or head out on a hike can really tap into your connection to others and allow you to feel confident about collaborating with them outside of your play time too.  That’s because many of us are part of a team at work and when we play (explore, create, or compete) we’re working on those same mental and social muscles! Teaming up for play time is an absolute win-win.

Volunteer And Play

One of our favorite ways to play at WOB is to volunteer and play. Sure, it’s not as competitive like the last two ways might be, but we don’t mind it! When you volunteer and play (whether on your own or with a team) you get to give back and have fun. Charity soccer games, competitions with a donation component, playground painting days in your community, beach cleanups, and even helping at a local shelter or another community facility can all give you the chance to foster change in your community while you connect and play with others. If you’re living local to Asbury Park, check out our local Boys and Girls Club or one of our local non-profits (Like Food For Thought By The Sea) to find out how you can get involved and make a difference!

Fuel Your Fun

Whether you’re looking to join a team, volunteer, or even fly solo WOB is there to fuel your play and keep your fun balanced as you ride your wave. To check out our full line of WOB products, visit our website! See you there!

Author Marilyn Schlossbach



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