Staying Energized Naturally

This month we tackled a lot of what fuels our lives. Today we’re talking all about how to bring these things together to bring natural energy to your everyday life. 
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This month we went deep with how your passion can fuel your life. Whether you’ve got that cause you love, that family you adore, or those experiences you crave, fueling your life with passion, even for your daily work, can help you to fuel everything else. 

If you’re ready to fuel your life with passion, check out our blog from earlier this month and then try writing a list of all the ways passion fuels your life. Not sure if you’ve got any to write down? Explore how you WANT passion to fuel your life. Take your inspiration from those you admire or create your own ideas of what passion will look like in your life. After all, giving ourselves space to dream and form a vision is a beautiful way to gain perspective and begin fueling our lives each day. 


This month we explored how the people we love and the communities we’re a part of can help to fuel our passion. 

As you reflect on how your love for others and your service to the world can fuel your daily life, you might find that you can’t always come up with the communities or people that drive you to act. One way to find this source of passionate fuel is to make a list of the people, causes, and communities that make up the connections in your life. Who, aside from yourself, is on your priorities list? Who do you spend your time with and feel amazing having done so? Who would you love to spend more time with? How do you want to feel when you do? 
Building up our communities, being of service, spending time with those we love, and finding places that we feel we belong, are all amazing ways to fuel our lives.


This month we took a look at our mindset when it came to using food as fuel for our daily lives.  When you’ve run through the suggested tasks in our blog (You can find them here) you’ll bring awareness to how your body and mind are fueled by the foods you’re eating. This awareness can be vital because it can help you to explore how to make changes that will have you feeling better, naturally.


One of the final notes we wanted to hit this month is about balance. Whether you’re heading out for a run, painting, volunteering, cooking healthy food, meditating, or spending time with your family, the balance of work, play, awareness, and connection can sometimes be a challenge.

One way to explore the balance you have in your life is to offer yourself some space to write or reflect each week. What’s working? What feels good in your mind and body? What next steps can move you toward your goals or dreams? What fuel will you need to get yourself there?

These big-picture questions and the space you give yourself to ask them can be truly valuable to riding the Wave of Balance in your life.

Wave Of Balance

So, how do you fuel your life? We’d love to hear all about it, so drop us a line over on our Instagram.
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We can’t wait to see how you find your Wave of Balance!

Author: Marilyn Schlossbach



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