This Month We Want To Know: What Fuels You?

Happy August!
We know summer is in full swing and that’s why we want to make sure that this month you’re fully fueled to have all the fun! In fact, we’ve dedicated the whole month to exploring all the different ways we stay fueled (or refuel).


And, of course, we’re talking about fueling up with our awesome Wave of Balance Moringa Supplements, but we also want to spend this month diving in to how food, exercise, creativity, and even the passion and purpose we find in the awesome ways we spend our time can all serve to fuel us. 

We hope you’ll get inspired to find new and unique ways to fuel your body and mind and to ride your own Wave of Balance.  And we hope you’ll share your favorite fuel-ups with us along the way.

This week we’re tackling how refueling might be different for each of us and how you can find your balance and manage your fuel in a way that supports, your body, mind, and purpose.

So, now that you know where we’re going: Let’s get started! 

How Do You Refuel?

While we’ll cover some major ways to keep your body and mind supported as you rock your life, one thing that gets overlooked far too often is how you re-fuel when you’re feeling tapped out or drained.

Let’s look at some big considerations when it comes to refueling:

Solitude and a Crowded Room

Are you the buzz of the party, flying from group to group to chat up all of your favorite people (and meet some new ones)? Do you prefer a quiet night alone? Maybe a dinner with a few close friends helps you hit the reset button after you’ve been feeling drained? 

Whether we find ourselves craving solitude or a crowded room, allowing ourselves to fuel through contemplation or connection is an important part of our journey.


Sometimes refueling will mean sitting on the beach with a partner or grabbing coffee with your best friends. Sometimes it will mean a big party or event where you can meet people or catch up with old friends. Sometimes it will mean a trip with a partner to a place you’ve never been. And other times it will mean a night on your own or a day of solo-adventuring. 

Giving ourselves the space to decide whether we need connection or contemplation is the truest meaning of balance and it can be a rejuvenating way to hit “reset”.

Zooming Through And Slower-Paced

Do you find yourself wanting to put your head down and get a lot done? Do you like to spread your tasks out and take breaks along the way? 

When you identify how you work best and the pace you like to take with your free time, you begin to intentionally design a life that allows you to refuel and stay fueled longer.

Sometimes you may not have much control over the pace of your day. The demands of work and home life may give you some parameters to work in. But when you can, give yourself permission to decide to move quickly or take the slower pace as you see fit. When you can see how you decide your pace(even in small moments), you’ll feel more balanced and empowered.

Exercise and Space to Rest

Does a good run get you going again? Would you like to swing in a hammock or chill on the couch with a good book? Deciding when to use exercise as fuel and when to rest can be a bit of tough decision for you. 


And the type of exercise we seek might be different from one day to the next. You might decide that a run on the boardwalk, a hike, or a CrossFit class is what you need to revamp how you’re feeling. And you might prefer a yoga class to a kickboxing class some days. No matter how you move your body, remember to balance that with rest as well.


We’ll cover exercise later in the month, but it is a great way to refuel and reset. And so is resting. When your body is fatigued or your mind needs a rest, it’s part of finding your balance to listen to your body. When you’re body is craving movement and a natural pick-me-up, be sure to listen for that voice too.

Problem Solving and Creativity

Do you love a challenge? Do you like to brainstorm and create new ideas? When we allow ourselves to be fueled by our thoughts and creative impulses we can strike a balance between the critical thinking parts of our brain and those that allow us to be creative.


In fact, you may even recognize how your creativity allows you to solve problems in new ways. These two pieces go to the same puzzle and while someone day’s you’ll prefer painting to an escape-the-room adventure, finding ways for your mind to refuel is a valuable way to spend your time.


You probably noticed that we didn't say something like “Solitude OR a Crowded Room”. The reason is that finding the best way for you to refuel might involve a little bit of both. It might also require one at a certain point in your life and the other later on.  Finding that balance is what really matters.

And that’s why we’re here to help.

If you’re ready to support your body and mind as you take on your day, pick up some of our awesome Wave Of Balance Moringa products today. 


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When you do, be sure to share your photos with us on Instagram so we can see how you refuel!

Author: Marilyn Schlossbach




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