Your Relaxation Check In!


Well you’ve made it. This was our month of relaxation. You explored the power of the exhale, pushed past your “Push And Strive Mindset” and found your favorite ways to unwind.

As we wrap up the month we wanted to pop in one more time and offer a quick checklist that you can use to bring that “Hustle And Thrive”, balance, and exhale into the rest of your year.

Relaxation Check-In

  1. You can take a moment. Inhale. Exhale. And find your Personal Relaxation Combination: What allows me to rest, relax, and recharge? How can I bring in even small pieces of present-moment-awareness? How do I make sure I have the clear mind and well-cared-for body to be fully myself?

  2. You can take your temperature: How am I feeling? What thoughts am I having? Am I run down, overwhelmed, or just in need of a break? What’s working and what’s not?

  3. You can reframe your “Push And Strive” to “Hustle And Thrive”: What needs to get done? By when? How can I find ways to put my wellness first so I can show up fully?

A Final Note On The Month Of Relaxation: How To Keep It Going

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See you soon!

Author: Marilyn Schlossbach



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